Inca warrior (15th century)

Inca warrior (15th century)

The Incas´ rudimentary weapons were inadequate in their struggle against the Spanish Conquistadors.



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  • Which continent was the\nInca Empire located on?
  • Which present-day country is NOT located on the territory of the\nInca Empire?
  • Which city was the administrative centre of the Inca Empire?
  • What title did Inca rulers wear?
  • What were Spanish colonisers called?
  • The soldiers of which country conquered the Inca Empire?
  • Which Conquistador conquered the Inca Empire?
  • In which century did the Inca Empire have its heyday?
  • What did European Conquistadors owe their dominance to?
  • What material were the weapons of the Incas made of?
  • Which type of weapon did Incas NOT use?
  • What type of weapon is the sling?
  • Is it true that Inca warriors did not use shields?
  • Is it true that Inca warriors did not wear metal armour?
  • What was not one of the reasons of the fall of the Inca Empire?
  • What material was the Inca axe made of?
  • Which rank did NOT exist in the Inca army?
  • Is it true that the Incas did not use metals for making tools?
  • Which metal was unknown to the Incas?
  • How many soldiers did Pizarro have when they conquered the\nInca Empire?
  • Who was the last legitimate Inca ruler?


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