How does it work? - Lift

This animation demonstrates how lifts work.

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This animation demonstrates the construction of motorcycles.

The history of the car

Here are a few interesting facts about the history of the modern car.

Lake steamer (1846)

The first paddle steamer in Hungary entered service in 1846.

MÁV M61 diesel engine (1963)

The legendary M61 class locomotives of the Hungarian State Railways were manufactured by...

Electric surface transport

Trolleybuses and trams are environment-friendly means of public transport

Helicopter experiment (Oszkár Asboth, 1928)

As a milestone in the history of aviation, Oszkár Asboth´s first helicopter made its...

Maglev Trains

One of the most modern means of transport is the Maglev, capable of travelling at speeds...

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

The range of applications of unmanned aerial vehicles ('drones') keeps growing.

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