Hot-air balloon (18th century)

Hot-air balloon (18th century)

The French Montgolfier brothers were the first pioneers of flying.



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  • What nationality were the Montgolfier brothers?
  • When did the first public flight of the Montgolfier balloon take place?
  • How did village dwellers react when they saw the balloon arriving from Paris?
  • When did the first manned flight with the Montgolfier-type hot-air balloon take place?
  • According to legend how did the brothers prove that flying does not harm living creatures?
  • What happened to one of the Montgolfier brothers when he first flew with a balloon in 1784?
  • Which French ruler watched one of the first flights in 1783?
  • Is it true that in recognition of their achievement, the Montgolfier family was elevated to the nobility and granted a pension?
  • Is it true that uneducated people thought the balloon was the work of the devil?
  • Is it true that Leonardo da Vinci was the first to make a working hot-air balloon?
  • What was used to facilitate the horizontal movement of the balloon?
  • Which of these inventions was made before the Montgolfier balloon?
  • What height did the balloon reach at the first free manned flight?
  • Which gas was used in hot-air balloons from the end of the 18th century?
  • Which academic organisation accepted the Montgolfier brothers as members?
  • What type of hot-air balloon was the invention of the Montgolfier brothers?
  • What was the diameter of the first balloon to be used in public?
  • What problem did water vapour used at the first experiments cause?
  • Who did the King of France want to send for the first manned flight of the balloon?
  • In which historic age did the Montgolfier brothers live and work?
  • Which of these was not invented in the 18th century?
  • What was used to control the vertical movement of the balloon?
  • Who was not one of the contemporaries of the Montgolfier brothers?
  • Who was the contemporary of the Montgolfier brothers?


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