Ambulance car

Ambulance car

This animation demonstrates the most important equipment of ambulance cars.



ambulance, emergency treatment, distinctive signal, siren, medical equipment, defibrillator, resuscitation, medical ventilator, oxygen tank, vacuum mattress, stretcher, ECG, instruments, first aid, technology

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  • What is the national emergency number in the UK?
  • What is the emergency number in Europe?
  • Is it true that the first step in providing first aid is to identify the injury or the illness?
  • When I find an injured person first I try to...
  • The most important characteristic of a good first aid provider is...
  • Why is the first aid provided by laymen important?
  • Is it true that to call the emergency number 112 on mobile is NOT free of charge?
  • Is it true that only a doctor can call the ambulance, otherwise one must pay for it?
  • Is it true that an ambulance should only be called to a patient who is on the street?
  • Is it true that first aid is the help given to a person who fell ill or got injured suddenly?
  • Which of these is not included in providing first aid?
  • How old should one be to provide first aid?
  • Is it obligatory to help the injured person?
  • On which point of the body is best to check the pulse of an unconscious injured person?
  • On which point of the body must the pulse of a conscious injured person be taken?
  • What is the right order of providing help in case of capillary bleeding?
  • What are the first two steps in providing first aid in case of arterial bleeding?
  • Is it true that a bleeding wound should not be placed under water, because water slows down blood clotting?
  • What is our average resting heart rate?
  • Which of these is not part of checking whether a patient is breathing or not?
  • When is the recovery position NOT forbidden?
  • What is the first thing to do in the case of an accident?
  • Is it true that if possible we should always use disposable gloves when providing first aid?
  • Which of the following pieces of information is not necessary to tell the ambulance service?
  • Is it true that keeping the airways open is the first and most important task if the patient is unconscious?
  • What is not necessary to check for in an unconscious patient?
  • Which of these statements is true of open fractures?
  • What treatment is NOT allowed in case of open fractures?
  • For how long should burns/scalds be cooled under cold running water?
  • Which of these can be used to cover burns/scalds?
  • Is it true that a corrosive substance coming into contact with the skin should be first wiped away with a cloth, because certain chemicals can cause burns when mixed with water?
  • What do you do when an alkaline substance comes into contact with the skin?
  • Which of these is NOT FORBIDDEN in case of acid poisoning?
  • What do you do when a corrosive substance gets into the eye of your mate?


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