mozaTools: The sound of music

30. november 2015AHOY

mozaTool Instruments is an app for English-speaking students learning music or non-English speaking students learning English - anyway, it offers images and sounds of dozens of musical instruments.  

It can be used from a very early age: with kindergarten children just leave the names until later and let them enjoy the pairing of the image and the sound.

You can sort any instrument by clicking on its name, the image can be zoomed in on for further details and you can listen to its sound by clicking on the play button under the image. If you want to learn more about the instrument just click on the “W” in the right bottom corner of the image to open the relevant Wikipedia article.

The instruments can be filtered by class or type of orchestra (the class is actually marked by colour codes in the list of instruments).

You can generate tailor-made tests easily and quickly: with a few clicks you can choose the test type(s) included (e.g. match the pairs or true-false exercises), the information to be asked or the time available for answering the questions. After completing the test you can check (and discuss with your students) the correct answers.

Tip: you can limit the test to pairing the sound and the image, so the student does not have to speak English or even read or write, just tell him/her the instruction in his/her own language. 

The app is even spiced up with a hint of humour, just check out the sound of the trombone or the horn! (And don’t forget to start with the Help section to explore the tool.) 

Tags: music , instruments , exercise
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