The effect of pressure change on chemical equilibrium (observation)

Examination of dissolved carbon dioxide in a bottle of carbonated water.

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Energi frigivet under nuklear fission kan bruges til civile eller militære formål.

Fruit batteries

Electric current of small voltage can be created by using fruit, similarly to the Daniell cell.

Glowing heart

We burn a heart in a piece of paper with the help of oxygen produced upon the decomposition of...

Mixing substances, separating mixtures 2

Separating mixtures if one of the substances dissolves in water.

Opløsning af hydrogenchlorid (HCl) i vand

Opløsningen af ​​hydrogenchlorid i vand kaldes saltsyre.

Reaktion mellem zink og saltsyre

Opløsningen af ​​zink i saltsyre producerer hydrogengas.

Reaktion af ammoniak med hydrogenchlorid

Ammoniumchlorid er et resultat af reaktionen mellem ammoniak og hydrogenchlorid

The effect of temperature on chemical equilibrium (observation)

Change in the colour of the cobalt(II) chloride solution due to heating and cooling.

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