The Equatorial Climate

Introducing the characteristics of the tropical rainforest climate

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Within the lethal embrace of deserts, life can only flourish because of large springs. Here...

The Tundra: a green-edged icy wasteland

Is the tundra region as cold and deserted as many people think?

The lungs of the Earth Tropical Rainforests

Tropical rainforests play an important role in regulating the Earth climate.


Kortvarige men ekstremt kraftfulde tornadoer kan forårsage en stor skade.


Et jordskælv er et af de mest ødelæggende naturfænomener.

Exogenic forces

The surface of the Earth has been formed into its present state both by external and internal...

Why is seawater salty?

Water covers about 71% of the Earth’s surface. But why are there two types of water on Earth,...

The Formation of the Atacama

The Atacama Desert is the highest-elevation and dryest desert on Earth.

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