The Cuban Missile Crisis

A confrontation that almost led to a nuclear war.

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USS Ohio (US, 1979)

Kernekraft blev først brugt af den amerikanske flåde til at drive ubåde i midten af ​​det...

The history of space flight Part I - To infinity and beyond

This video presents the beginning of astronautics and the early years of the Space Race.

Legendariske bygninger

Et udvalg af legendariske bygninger fra civilisationshistorien.

Why was World War I so horrible?

This lesson presents the weapons of World War I.

Socialist realism

The so-called socialist realist art had its peak in the 1950s. This video discusses what this...

Atombomber (1945)

Atombomben er et af de mest destruktive våben i menneskets historie.

Farewell, my dear Irena

An unbelievable story of a family that in the hope of a better life risked everything at the...

Yuri Gagarins rejse til det ydre rum (1961)

Yuri Gagarin blev det første menneske i rummet den 12. april 1961.

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