Solar radiation

The Sun's rays travel through space without interruption, but once they reach the Earth's atmosphere, it can encounter multiple obstacles.

Relaterede ekstramaterialer

The African savannah

The largest contiguous savannah in the world is in Africa. It covers about one-third of the...

Jordtyper - Ungarn (kort)

Denne animation demonstrerer de jordtyper, der findes i Ungarn.


Stigning og fald af havets niveau er forårsaget af månens tyngdekraft.

Lokale vinde

De vigtigste typer af lokale vinde er havbrisen, bjergdalbriser og de nedadgående vinde.


It is a sedimentary rock with high calcium carbonate content.

The formation of fog

Fog is a type of cloud that forms close to the surface of the Earth. There are places on the...

Coal formation

This video presents the different stages of coal formation.

The path of bauxite

Bauxite is a raw material in aluminium production. Watch this video to learn how the well-known...

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