Hydrogen balloon explosion

In this experiment, we study the properties of hydrogen gas.

Relaterede ekstramaterialer

Fire-takts Otto motor

Denne animation demonstrerer den type motor, der oftest anvendes i biler.


Der er forskellige typer instrumenter til måling af temperatur.

Archimedes’ principle with gases

Is there a difference between the weight of a plastic bottle filled with air and the weight of a...


Den tyske ingeniør Rudolf Diesel patenterede dieselmotoren i 1893.

pVT diagram for ideelle gasser

Forholdet mellem tryk, volumen og temperatur for ideelle gasser er beskrevet i gasloven.

Where does gold come from?

Gold is a rare metal, which is often challenging and dangerous to extract. But where does it...


Levende lys har været brugt til belysning siden oldtiden.

Turbine powered by the heat of your hands

How to rotate a pinwheel and a spiral without touching them.

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