Home-made compass

This experiment shows how to make a home made compass.

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Disappearing money

You can make a coin disappear by using a glass of water and a plate. Check out how!

Rice in a bottle

Lift a bottle full of rice using a few skewers.

Balancing utensils table trick

With this little balance trick, you can amaze your friends using a toothpick, a spoon, a fork...

Home-made lava lamp

This is how you can make a lava lamp at home.

Fire resistant water balloon

Using some water, you can easily make a fireproof balloon at home.

Fruit-power battery

Watch how a few lemons can produce electricity.

Vanishing styrofoam

This is how you can make vanish any object made out of styrofoam.

Match levitation

Watch how two matches react with each other in this simple experiment.

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