Fiery orange peel

When the essential oil from the peel touches the candle flame, it burns and creates a ball of fire.

Relaterede ekstramaterialer

Reaktion af ammoniak med hydrogenchlorid

Ammoniumchlorid er et resultat af reaktionen mellem ammoniak og hydrogenchlorid

Konformationer af ethan

Den forskudte konformation af ethan er mere stabil end den formørkede konformation.

A non-flammable tissue

Go behind the scenes of gastronomy and film tricks: objects in flames do not always burn, do they?

The effect of concentration on chemical equilibrium

Examining the colour of cobalt(II) chloride in water and hydrochloric acid.

Produktion af ammoniak ud fra nitrogengas og hydrogengas

Storskala ammoniakproduktion kræver høj temperatur og tryk og tilstedeværelsen af ​​jern...

The viscosity of liquids

Have you ever thought about why honey flows so slowly from a spoon compared to water?

The effect of pressure change on chemical equilibrium (observation)

Examination of dissolved carbon dioxide in a bottle of carbonated water.

The effect of temperature on chemical equilibrium (observation)

Change in the colour of the cobalt(II) chloride solution due to heating and cooling.

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