Polymerisering af ethen

Polymeriseret ethylen er kendt som polyethylen, en type plast.

Relaterede ekstramaterialer


Addition er en reaktion, hvor molekylerne af to eller flere stoffer forenes uden dannelse...

Molekyle øvelse II (Polaritet)

En øvelse om polariteten af ​​molekyler.

The effect of temperature on chemical equilibrium (observation)

Change in the colour of the cobalt(II) chloride solution due to heating and cooling.

Bending a jet of water (observation)

A surprising phenomenon occurs when we hold a statically charged ruler near water flowing from a...

Fire under the ash

Catalysts can facilitate or support the process of reactions that otherwise would not occur.

Fiery orange peel

When the essential oil from the peel touches the candle flame, it burns and creates a ball of fire.

Klorering af methan ved en substitutionsreaktion

Under substitutionsreaktionen er metanernes hydrogenatomer substitueret med kloratomer,...

Fruit batteries

Electric current of small voltage can be created by using fruit, similarly to the Daniell cell.

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