Konformationer af ethan

Den forskudte konformation af ethan er mere stabil end den formørkede konformation.

Relaterede ekstramaterialer

Like dissolves like

Non-polar substances dissolve in non-polar solvents while polar substances dissolve in polar...

The Daniell cell

We can generate electricity with the help of a salt bridge and by immersing a zinc electrode in...

Elektronkonfiguration af calcium

Denne animation viser elektronkonfigurationen af ​​calciumatomet.


Aluminiumsmeltning er processen for at ekstrahere aluminium fra aluminiumoxid gennem...

Mixing substances, separating mixtures 2

Separating mixtures if one of the substances dissolves in water.

Peeling an egg

The acid in vinegar dissolves materials containing calcium carbonate like eggshell and snail shell.

Smart putty

We can witness a surprising 'performance' thanks to the special abilities of elastomers.

The viscosity of liquids

Have you ever thought about why honey flows so slowly from a spoon compared to water?

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