Havets forskellige lag

Fysiske egenskaber, samt flora og fauna i havet forandres med dybde.

Relaterede ekstramaterialer


Within the lethal embrace of deserts, life can only flourish because of large springs. Here...


Stigning og fald af havets niveau er forårsaget af månens tyngdekraft.

Living fossils

Learn about animal species that emerged in the distant past and stayed mostly unchanged

How does soil form?

This lesson presents soil formation, the components of soil, and soil protection.

Afrika - The geological anatomy of a continent

A video on the geological formation and geographical divisions of Africa.

How lakes disappear

On a geological time scale lakes are short-lived.

Africa – The Climatic Anatomy of a Continent

An introduction of the climatic and altitudinal zones of the African continent.

The Baikal fault line

The deepest lake in Earth was formed in a rift valley created by the Baikal Rift Zone.

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