Forkastning (elementær)

Lodrette kræfter der kan bryde lag af sten op i blokke, som derefter bevæger sig lodret langs brudfladerne.

Relaterede ekstramaterialer

Karst-regionen (elementær)

Karstformationer omfatter jordfaldshuller og drypsten.


Ozonlaget filtrerer solens skadelige UV-stråling, derfor er det uundværligt for livet på...

Continental drift

In the past, a number of geologists tried to explain why the outlines of continents seem to fit...

The path of bauxite

Bauxite is a raw material in aluminium production. Watch this video to learn how the well-known...

The moon

What secrets does the Moon have? Who were the first men on the Moon? You’ll find out everything...

The permafrost

The boundary of the permanently frozen region is retracting due to global warming.

The lungs of the Earth Tropical Rainforests

Tropical rainforests play an important role in regulating the Earth climate.

Minerals: active participants of our lives

This lesson introduces you to the world of minerals.

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