Molecule exercise VII (Organic nitrogen compounds)

Molecule exercise VII (Organic nitrogen compounds)

An exercise about the groups and structure of organic nitrogen compounds.

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молекула, азот-containingcompound, амин, амид, пиридин, пиримидин, пурин, номер за хидроксилна група, дипол-дипол, водородна връзка, амфотерен, грунд, вторична намотка, третичен, практикуването, органични съединения, упражнение, Органична химия, химия

Свързани ресурси

Molecule exercise VI (Carbohydrates)

An exercise about the groups and structure of mono-, di- and polysaccharides.

Molecule exercises I (Bonds)

An exercise about different types of bonds.

Carbamide (urea) (CO(NH₂)₂)

An organic compound in the urine of mammals, used in the production of fertilisers as a...

Dimethylamine (NH(CH₃)₂)

A colourless gas with a pungent odour. It is widely used in industry.

Formamide (methanamide) (HCONH₂)

A colourless, slightly viscous, hygroscopic liquid used in the production of formic acid,...

Glycylglycine (C₄H₈N₂O₃)

The simplest peptide, formed from two glycine molecules by a peptide bond.

Imidazole (C₃H₄N₂)

A biologically and practically important organic compound.

Purine (C₅H₄N₄)

A heterocyclic aromatic organic compound, its derivatives include guanine and adenine.

Pyrimidine (C₄H₄N₂)

A heterocyclic organic compound, its derivatives are thymine, cytosine and uracil.

Pyrrole (C₄H₅N)

A heterocyclic organic compound.

Trimethylamine N(CH₃)₃

A tertiary amine with a characteristic unpleasant odour, occurring in spoiled food.

Анилин (фениламин) (C₆H₅NH₂)

Най-простият представител на ароматните амини. Научното му название е финиламин.

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