How does it work? - Water tower

How does it work? - Water tower

This animation demonstrates the structure of water towers.


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водна кула, водоснабдяване, резервоар за вода, басейн, питейна вода, вода, нарастващата основна, помпа, водопроводна мрежа, потребител, техника

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Водоснабдяването осигурява чиста питейна вода на потребителите.

Bayterek (Astana, 1997)

The tower situated in the capital city of the Kazakh Republic symbolises the tree of life...

Geothermal power station

Geothermal power stations convert energy of hot, high-pressure water found in deeper...

How does it work? - Water tap

This animation demonstrates the functioning of the 3 basic types of water tap.

Industrial estate

Industrial estates provide infrastructure and services for companies.

Suction pumps and direct action pumps

Direct action pumps and suction pumps are among the simplest water pumps.

System of public utilities

System that satisfies consumers’ demands of water supply, wastewater disposal,...

Опресняване на морската вода

Опресняването е процес, в резултат на който от морската вода се получава вода за пиене.

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