Графитът е алотропна форма на въглерода.

Химия и опазване на околната среда

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графит, алитроп на въглерод, Алотропия, слой решетка, въглероден анод, електрод, молив, Неорганична химия, химия

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Алотропна форма на елемента въглерод. Най-твърдото вещество в природата.

Body-centred cubic lattice

The least tightly packed crystal structure.

Carbon dioxide (CO₂) (beginner)

Colourless, odourless, heavier-than-air gas. Necessary for the photosynthesis of plants.

Face-centred cubic metal lattice

The face-centred cubic metal lattice allows the closest fit of metal atoms.

Fullerene (C₆₀)

A crystalline allotrope of carbon which was discovered at the end of the 1980s.

Hexagonal metallic lattice

Metals forming hexagonal metallic lattices are rigid and difficult to machine.

How does it work? - Ballpoint pen

The invention of the ballpoint pen made writing a lot easier.


A crystalline substance, an extremely important material in the electronics industry ...

Silicon dioxide (SiO₂)

A polymorphic compound, mostly found in the form of quartz.

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