Concorde (1969)

Concorde (1969)

The first supersonic passenger airliner entered service in 1976.


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Как работи турбореактивният двигател?

Тази анимация демонстрира как работи турбореактивният двигател.


Airports provide infrastructure and services necessary for aviation.

Airbus (Еърбъс) A380 (2005 г.)

Двуетажният пътнически самолет може да превозва повече от 500 пътници.

Boeing 747 (1969)

The Jumbo Jet is one of the best known airliners.

Bombardier CRJ200 (1991)

The small passenger aircraft is designed for speed, convenience and economical operation.

Вълнови параметри

Вълна се поражда тогава, когато в някаква среда се разпространяват трептения.

История на авиацията

Тази анимация представя кратка история на авиацията от Средновековието до наши дни.

Видове вълни

Вълните играят важна роля в различни области на нашия живот.

Облеклото в Западна Европа през 1960 г.

Облеклото разкрива културата и начина на живот на хората в дадена епоха и територия.

Високоскоростен влак TGV POS

Влакът се движи между Париж и Южна Германия с оптимална скорост 320 км/ч.

Chengdu J-20 Mighty Dragon (China, 2017)

The Chengdu J-20, also known as Mighty Dragon, is a multiple function stealth fighter...

De Havilland DH-106 Comet 1 (1949)

The aircraft manufactured by the British de Haviland company was the world's first...

How does it work? - Impulse steam turbine

This animation demonstrates the structure and operation of impulse turbines.

The Doppler effect

It is a well-known phenomenon that the sound of an approaching sound source is higher...

U-2 ’Dragon Lady’ (USA, 1957)

The efficient reconnaissance aircraft has been used by the CIA since the Cold War.

B-17 Flying Fortress (USA, 1938)

The ´Flying Fortress´ was developed for the United States Army Air Force by Boeing

B-2 Spirit (USA, 1989)

The B-2 Spirit heavy stealth bomber was deployed in the Balkan war, Afghanistan and Iraq.

F-16 Fighting Falcon (USA, 1978)

The Fighting Falcon is the most successful aircraft in the category of multi-purpose...

Junkers G 24 floatplane

A floatplane (sometimes called hydroplane) is an aircraft capable of taking off not only...

MIG-31 (Soviet Union, 1982)

The Soviet-made twin-engine interceptor aircraft was first deployed in 1982.

Otto Lilienthal’s glider

The German engineer Otto Lilienthal was the first person to make successful flights with...

Wright Flyer I (1903)

The Wright Flyer was the first successful powered, heavier-than-air aircraft, designed...

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