Beta-D-ribose (C₅H₁₀O₅)

Beta-D-ribose (C₅H₁₀O₅)

A crystalline compound found in nucleic acids, coenzymes, nucleotides and nucleosides.

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Бета-D-рибоза, въглехидрат, монозахарид, със захар, пентоза, алдопентоза, алдозната, нуклеинова киселина, нуклеотид, RNA, ATP, NADH, Органична химия, химия, биология

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АТФ е основният източник на енергия за клетките.

Коензим А

Преносител на ацетилни групи, който участва в анаболитни и катаболитни процеси.


A polynucleotid made up of phosphoric acid, ribose, and nucleobases (cytosine, uracil,...

2-deoxy-beta-D-ribose (C₅H₁₀O₄)

A component of DNA, it contains one less hydroxyl group than β-D-ribose.

D-ribose (C₅H₁₀O₅)

The open-chain version of ribose, which occurs naturally in nucleic acids, coenzymes,...

Phosphate ion (PO₄³⁻)

A compound ion formed when a phosphoric acid molecule releases a proton.


НАД е коензим с важна роля в катаболитните процеси, докато НАДФ е важен за анаболитните...

Purine (C₅H₄N₄)

A heterocyclic aromatic organic compound, its derivatives include guanine and adenine.

Pyrimidine (C₄H₄N₂)

A heterocyclic organic compound, its derivatives are thymine, cytosine and uracil.

Molecule exercise VI (Carbohydrates)

An exercise about the groups and structure of mono-, di- and polysaccharides.

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