Nikola Tesla

Legendary inventor, crazy scientist or the greatest genius of all times? Meet Nicola...

Dubai (trailer)

New mozaVideos about Dubai.

What is the resolution of the human eye?

Is the resolution of our eye comparable to that of today’s top quality films? What is...

Home-made compass

This experiment shows how to make a home made compass.

Society (trailer)

Our new videos about society are already available.

The loneliest place on Earth

There is a spot in the open ocean that is 2,688 km away from the nearest land.

Chilli peppers

Capsaicin is the substance responsible for the spicy heat of chilli peppers.

Rome (trailer)

Our new videos about the architecture and art of ancient Rome are already available.

The shape of snowflakes

If we take a closer look at a snowflake, we will see that it has a symmetrical,...

South Africa trailer

Our new educational videos about South Africa are coming soon.

Beyond the lightbulb and the electric outlet

Have you ever given any thought to the origins of the energy your computer or TV uses?

Local time and standard time

Life could not work in this accelerated global world if we still used local times....

Cosmic calendar

If we compressed all the time that has ever passed into a year, how would the history...

The land of the Vikings

Norway is a country in Europe with very diverse historical heritage and natural treasures.

mozaik3D animations

By providing unparalleled support for demonstrations, mozaik3D models open a new...

Plitvice lakes

Croatia’s stunning system of lakes is included on the list of World Heritage Cultural...

The water cycle

Water on Earth is constantly in flux and is going through a cycle.

Israel - trailer of the new mozaVideos

With the new mozaVideos you can experience the culture, nature and history of Israel...


If someone is moving clumsily, we often say he or she has two left feet. But what...

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